Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute

Partners en

Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute (CBCI) at Copenhagen Business School maintains partnerships with private companies, public institutions and other organizations that are engaging in China related activities.

Cooperation partners
·    Copenhagen Business School
·    Office of Chinese Language Council International under the Ministry of Education of China
·    Renmin University of China

·    Huawei Technologies Denmark
·    Kopenhagen Fur

Danish Regions & Municipalities
·    Region Hovedstaden
·    Silkeborg Kommune

Educational Institutions
·    Krebs Skole
·    Køge Private Realskole
·    Mermaid School
·    Niels Steensens Gymnasium
·    Ollerup Idrætshøjskole
·    Park Allé Privatskole
·    Stenhus Gymnasium og Kostskole
·    Tietgen Handelsgymnasium

·    Asia Business Forum at Asia House
·    Asian Studies Programme Student Council at Copenhagen Business School
·    Association of Chinese Expats in Denmark
·    Business Confucius Institute at the University of Leeds, Leeds University Business School
·    Confederation of Danish Industry, DI
·    Confucius Institute for Innovation & Learning at Aalborg University
·    Confucius Institute for Business at the State University of New York
·    Copenhagen Capacity
·    Danish Chinese Business Forum
·    Danish Chinese Urban & Regional Cooperation at Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs
·    Danish Forum for Chinese Law and Legal Culture, Faculty of Law Copenhagen University
·    Danish Agriculture & Food Council
·    Den Kinesiske Forening (丹麦华人总会)
·    Embassy of Denmark in Beijing
·    Embassy of P.R. of China in Denmark
·    Kinesisklærerforeningen (丹麦中文教师协会)
·    Kreachen Network
·    KUAK, Alumniforeningen for Kina Studier, Københavns Universitet
·    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
·    Niels Bohr Archive
·    NIAS, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies
·    Nordic-Chinese Chamber of Commerce
·    Sino-Danish University Centre in Beijing
·    The Business Confucius Institute at London School of Economics
·    The Confucius Institute for Business at NEOMA Business School, Rouen
·    The Music Confucius Institute at the Royal Danish Academy of Music
·, Copenhagen University