Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute

About CBCI en

When established in September 2008, CBCI was the first Confucius Institute in Denmark and the second Business Confucius Institute world-wide.

CBCI is a co-operation between Copenhagen Business School and Renmin University in Beijing. The overall objective of CBCI is to develop an exchange between Denmark and China within business culture and business language.

Following the agreement between the project partners, CBCI is managed and funded 1:1 by the two partners. The CBCI director is Danish while the CBCI Vice Director is Chinese. The CBCI is based in Denmark and operates within the regulations of Copenhagen Business School and Danish Law. The CBCI management refers to a Board of Directors which is composed of two members representing Copenhagen Business School and two members representing Renmin University of China.

It is the aim of Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute (CBCI) to assist Danish business communities to learn Chinese business language and contribute to the understanding of Chinese business culture. This is done through courses in Chinese business language and through hosting of lectures and events on Chinese business culture.